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The London Sisal Association was formed in 1953 by London-based sisal merchants and brokers and followed an earlier Sisal Merchants Association. Its principle aim was to promote trade in sisal fibre and sisal products and toward this end an International Contract was established together with an arbitration procedure.

Sisal trading was at its height in the period up to the late 1970's and early Annual General lunches were attended by a range of prominent dignatories and up to 200 people.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's a concerted effort was made to broaden the scope of the Association by admitting sisal growers and sisal consumers from all countries. In particular many sisal spinners of ropes and twines became members and membership reached a peak of almost fifty firms.

Thereafter, with the contraction of European usage and lower tonnages traded, membership dwindled somewhat. Today's membership stands at 14 but reflects the increased speciality usage of sisal fibre.

For some years now the Annual General Meeting and lunch has been held at The Oriental Club, Stratford Place, London where the High Commissioners of Tanzania and Kenya, as well as representatives of Brazil, have been guests.

A full list of current members and officers appear on our members page. New members are welcome and should contact the Secretary.

Uses of Sisal