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Officers 2015

President: Mrs P Brazier - Wigglesworth & Co. Limited
Vice President: Mr P Drotkowski - Kenys/Sifor SA
Chairman: Mr C Garnier - Etablissements Gallois
Vice Chairman: Mr O Reimer-Wollenweber - M&W Heller GmbH & Co. KG

Members of the Executive

Mr P Clasen Wilhelm G Clasen GmbH & Co. KG
Mr N Cuthbert REA Vipingo Plantations Limited
Mr D Deeks Wigglesworth & Co Limited
Mrs A Hamelin Kenys/Sifor SA
Mr J Harris Wigglesworth & Co Limited
Mr J Harrison Landauer Fibres Ltd
Mr P Kyriazi Teita Estate Limited
Mr S Shamter Katani Limited


Mrs B French  
Uses of Sisal